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Turf Cutter’s New Map Interface


Here at NGP VAN, we understand firsthand how important it is to equip Democratic and progressive campaigns with go-to-war tools for this coming November and beyond.

No one’s resting on their laurels and we’re all-in to build upon some of the most effective technologies in the campaign space. That’s why I’m so excited to announce one of our newest developments!

Turf Cutter, one of VAN’s most popular and important organizing tools has just become more intuitive and user-friendly with a few innovative enhancements that will help organizers do their jobs even better than before.

As our users know, Turf Cutter is one of our many tools that “just work” – Households go in, Turf packets come out, canvassers go knock. Easy as that. But we are always on the watch for ways to make our suite of products even better.

For the past couple years, the Google maps base for Turfcutter gave us the ability to rapidly scale out the product, but it came at the expense of flexibility. But by switching to Mapbox based maps, we can now deliver a number of Turfcutter improvements, including:

· Cleaner, easier to read maps with crisper property and road definitions,
· A better Turf editing interface, with easier to move corners,
· A less distracting full screen mode,
· And performance enhancements across the board

Cutting Turf has never felt this smooth!

Check out the below screenshot for some of the changes. We hope you're as excited about these improvements as we are.

Onward to victory!