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14 Tweets to Help You Thrive this Cycle

Michelle Stockwell

Campaign staffers are our favorite people. They tend to have unparalleled grit, dedication, and optimism. Those traits make for excellent organizers, fundraisers, and strategists, but even the most experienced campaigners can use a little boost. That's why we took to Twitter to ask y'all how you do it. 


To start things off, you gotta eat. 

And rest! We promise, it is not selfish to take a break.

To put it another way, the cause or race you're working on matters. And so do you. 

Organize yourself. 

If you're in a new community, make yourself at home. It'll make you a better campaigner. 

You'll learn by doing. 

Put your heart into it. 

Don't take winning for granted.

Treat your volunteers like the treasures they are.

Innovate. You're the expert on your role.

Whether you're asking for time or money, master the art of the hard ask.

MiniVAN will make your life easier. 

Last but not least, never forget to enter your data. 

Now go show them what democracy looks like! You got this.