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Three years is a long time


Four years ago I was exhausted and unemployed. The campaign was long, and my bed was comfy.  Nonetheless, I was convinced to trek to DC to go to this un-conference called RootsCamp.  I wasn't sure it was a good idea, but hey, the conference registration plus my Megabus fare wasn't going to bankrupt me, and what else was I going to do with my time?  (Sleep. Definitely.)

When I walked into the RootsCamp Saturday night party, I had never heard of the company hosting it, NGP.   The next morning, when I saw their booth in the job fair, I figured they were worth a look and they ended up hiring me to work on the client services team.  Eighteen amazing months later, I made the tough decision to leave this place that had been my first home in DC to go work on the White House New Media team.  It was a spectacular year there, but with the election cycle ramping up, I had an itch that only a former campaigner has to scratch, so I returned to the now merged NGP VAN to work on our digital team, building websites for campaignsstate parties and official Congressional sites.  

Today marks three years of combined time working for NGP VAN for me, and it is a happy coincidence that RootsCamp, where it all started for me, is this weekend.  Come by our table at the job fair, even if it is just to chat about how you used NGP or VAN this past cycle, and look for our sessions, our Twitter account @NGPVAN will have all the updates.