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The Second Iteration of ReadyforHillary.com


Today is a good day. The second iteration of ReadyForHillary.com's Reed Award-winning website has officially launched and it’s pretty awesome to say the least.

Widely recognized as the geeks who helped power the competitive advantage for the Obama campaign — NGP VAN has equipped Ready for Hillary with some of the most innovative uses of political technology to-date. We’ve productized many of the tools and concepts harnessed by Obama for America to provide an unparalleled edge tailored to the specific needs of Ready for Hillary in this next stage of development.

Shout out to Paul Kittredge and the other folks on our team who went above and beyond the call of duty in order to implement the creative design crafted by 270 Strategies and the thoughtful vision for what a cutting-edge website should look like from our friends at Ready for Hillary.

Here are a few specifics that might particularly knock your socks off.

Social Organizing

As part of the website re-launch, Ready for Hillary is also rolling out implementation of NGP VAN’s Social Organizing tool. The ability to connect social networks with our industry leadingVAN voter contact and volunteer management tool is a powerful method for targeting core engagers and segment groups. Social Organizing enables supporters to match their Facebook friends to the voter file as they take part in everyday campaign activities like voter ID and persuasion, grassroots fundraising, crowd building, volunteer recruitment, and get-out-the-vote activities — all while earning points and badges to publicly promote their actions. As the only such tool integrated with the VAN used by almost every Democratic campaign and progressive political organization, Social Organizing enhances the voter file clients use for the rest of their field and voter contact work by adding valuable relationship information and other codes to the network.

Social Organizing has already won numerous awards, including the American Association of Political Consultants’ Campaign Excellence Award for Best New Technology, Campaigns & Elections Magazine’s Most Innovative Product of the Year Award, a Reed Award for the Best Use of Social Networking Technology (for the Elizabeth Warren for Senate campaign) and was runner-up for the New Organizing Institute’s Most Valuable Technology Award.

Digital & Integration

The new ReadyforHillary.com features an unprecedented integration between the online and offline. For example, supporters who sign up on the site can be pushed as a linked record into both the NGP database for fundraising and the VAN database for organizing, providing a 360 degree view of how a given supporter has taken action.

The new and improved ReadyForHillary.com showcases NGP VAN’s complete Digital Toolset. This includes some beautiful contribution and sign-up forms powered by NV Profilewhich pre-populates information in order to lower the barrier to action. The website is hosted by our mobile-responsive Accelerator platform. Embraced by hundreds of Democratic candidates ranging from U.S. Senate to City Council — Accelerator is the most utilized digital platform for Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations. Additionally,ReadyForHillary.com’s blast email component effectively targets, sends, and tracks emails. Its integration allows for targeted and responsive list building and maximizes effective outreach that ties in seamlessly with the NGP VAN core tools and Social Organizing (detailed above.)

This new website is uniquely suited to leverage the grassroots power of Ready for Hillary’s supporters and we can’t wait for you to see it.

Check it out for yourself at ReadyForHillary.com!

One last thing. Don’t forget to check out the cool intro video, Hillary: Her voice. Her values. Our movement. The montage from Ready for Hillary is really well done.