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Ready for Hillary Previews New State of the Art Digital Tool, Social Recruiting at #PDF14



You may remember our March announcement on the second iteration of ReadyForHillary.com's Reed Award-winning website. As part of that re-launch, Ready for Hillary also rolled out implementation of our Social Organizing tool.

This tool is incredibly effective and has helped Ready for Hillary engage an enormous army of grassroots supporters. In fact, yesterday, Jeremy Bird noted that a new supporter joins Ready for Hillary every nine seconds.

Earlier this afternoon at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City, Ethan Roder of the New Organizing Institute kicked off what he called the “later and greater” version of a panel titled, State of the Art Digital Campaigning — the Democratic version that preceded the Republican one. There may have been a bit of truth in jest as audience members referenced frustration at hearing no new information about any technology developments on the GOP side.

Ethan challenged the panel to take on the topic of "breaking the tech cycle cycle" — how we as Democrats can build a broader foundation that takes us beyond each election day where we aren’t rolling out technology advancements cycle by cycle but instead comprehensively and for the long term.

Ready for Hillary’s Digital Director, Nickie Titus took this question head on. She discussed the relevant work we’ve been doing far out from 2016 saying, "NGP VAN sees the broader picture. They see how technology affects the long term."

Nickie Titus praised our developers’ work (they are indeed pretty awesome) on tools such asNGP Swipe and Social Organizing.

But the really big splash came in her preview of our newest tool, Social Recruiting, which incentives supporters to recruit friends, family, and online social connections to participate in the grassroots organizing efforts of a particular campaign or organization.

What’s more, when a supporter successfully recruits a contact to join the organization or campaign, NGP VAN’s Social Recruiting harnesses the relationship data between the recruiter and recruitee – which allows for a more in-depth understanding of the relationships between supporters and their contacts. This information is incredibly valuable for creating informed engagement with supporters.

Whether looking to raise more money, build an army of volunteers, or grow a base of supporters, NGP VAN’s new Social Recruiting feature can help campaigns and organizations achieve their goals.

Ready for Hillary will be launching a beta version of the tool in the coming weeks and it will be available to all NGP VAN Social Organizing clients soon after. Happy to provide a teaser here but stay tuned for more on our official rollout.