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VAN's Improved User Interface


If you’re a frequent VAN user (you know the type – votebuilder.com still shows up among your most frequently visited pages, even months after a campaign), you’ve probably noticed the “preview our new look” button on the main screen. Have you taken a peek at what’s in store?


It’s a more modern design with brighter colors, bigger type, and more white space. We increased the application width, which allows users to view more information at once on the page and complete daily tasks faster (and with less strain on your probably sleep-deprived eyes). My Voters and My Campaign (or My Members or My Workers, depending on which VAN you use) have different background colors to help users remember what interface they’re working with. For those who use VAN as well as other NGP VAN products (such as Social Organizing, the NGP database, or an NGP VAN website), you’ll notice that the look and feel is now more consistent across products. 

These changes come after listening to feedback from our valued users. Most of our users prefer the new look. Here’s what a few of our users had to say about it: 

-  “Love the ability to see more data with the new wide design.  It is less cluttered.  So, therefore, it's more efficient and user-friendly!!  I love it!”

-  “Sleek, easy to use. The new design has not taken anything away from what VAN is.”

-  “The font is bigger; I don't have to squint anymore! The page is easier on the eyes. The layout is more user-friendly.”

We hope these changes will make our users’ day-to-day work easier, and we thank those who took the time to give us feedback. We’re all Democrats and progressives here at NGP VAN, so we care about your success. VAN’s new look will be permanent starting September 25. You can get more details about all the changes by logging in and clicking “Tour the New Look.” We bid a fond farewell to vintage VAN — that screen that so many of you spent hours and hours looking at during late nights working on a campaign.