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VAN Relay: Data at Your Fingertips


Today, we’re proud to announce the release of a powerful new feature called VAN Relay - a feature that seamlessly enhances your member data and activist data with voter file information. Think of VAN Relay as a clearinghouse that scans the entire platform for better data enhancement.

Wondering how it works? Whenever a new record is added in a member or activist database, we will run a match against the voter file, append that additional data, and make it available in the activist database. In addition, whenever voter file updates are run, we will push any relevant information to the matched records in the activist database.

Here at NGP VAN, we’re focused on helping you win. Our technology vision is powerful yet simple:

Deliver best-in-class products to help you get your job done. No settling for fundraising tools that don’t have compliance built in. No settling for voter contact tools with no features to manage your army of volunteers. No settling for websites that can’t help bridge online to offline actions. Your staff, volunteers, and supporters deserve the best.

- Unify user experience to keep you flexible.No need to train volunteers and staff again and again as they walk up the ladder of engagement or switch focus. A converging look and feel, unified user interface patterns, and single sign on with ActionID make it possible to deploy your people where you need them when you need them.

- Integrate data so you can treat people as people. Give actionable data to your volunteers and staff at the point of contact to guide meaningful interactions. Provide holistic view of people to your analysts to power insight and decision making.

We’re excited to offer VAN Relay free of charge to our clients. Rather than needing to run more complex matches, or using saved lists against either of your databases, we’re putting the combined power of the voter file and your core supporters at your fingertips.