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Organizing More Easily & Efficiently with New Turf Manager Updates


Our team is always listening to organizers and volunteers to discover how VAN can help field programs maximize their efforts.

That’s why we’re excited to release improvements to Turf Manager which make navigating the page, printing region summaries, and cutting, sending and monitoring Turf with MiniVAN even easier and more efficient.

Here's some changes we made that will help organizers navigate more easily through Turf Manager:

  • Streamlining workflows: Saving turfs from Turf Cutter now drops users at Turf Manager rather than Folders. We've included links to Folders for users who still want to continue to them. There is a “Jump to Folders” button at the top of Turf Manager, and each Folder is also hyperlinked in the Turf Manager grid.
  • Turfed/Unturfed doors now live in tool tips on the people/doors columns in Turf Manager.
  • The actions for Map Regions and Turfs have been moved to Action Dropdowns (instead of the icons previously used).
  • Region level information (i.e. Number of turfs, date created, last refreshed) now appears in a popover on the Map Regions.
  • We've also updated the filter panel to use the new collapsible user interface also seen in grid reports and MiniVAN manager

turfman1 blue.png

...and here's some new, helpful upgrades for canvassing on MiniVAN:

  • MiniVAN Menu: There is a MiniVAN dropdown menu at the top of Turf Manager that links to MiniVAN Commit, MiniVAN Manager, MiniVAN Campaigns, and MiniVAN formats. This should make it easier for users to complete the MiniVAN workflows from Turf Manager without needing to return to the Main Menu.

  • Main Menu shortcut links: In addition, we've added some new options on the Main Menu for MiniVAN to provide easy and direct access to MiniVAN Campaigns, Commit, Formats and Manager pages.

  • Send Turf to Multiple MiniVAN users: We now allow users to send a Turf to multiple MiniVAN users at a time. This should make paired canvassing a lot easier.

turf man 2 blue.png

  • Print Region Summary: This was designed to print a modified Turf packet with just the Script and Map page per Turf. (The Turf sign-out sheet will also still print). This should save users some paper – while still giving people a paper map for canvassing.
  • MiniVAN Status: This shows the names of users who have been exported or downloaded a MiniVAN list number. Like the rest of Turf Manager, this only shows updates for the most recent action.
  • Progress: We are calculating progress through a Turf for canvassers using MiniVAN. (Please keep in mind that we are calculating people attempts, not doors). Again, this is only for the most recent List Number used/MiniVAN export.

Have ideas on how we can make our organizing and field tools even better? Send us an email here with your thoughts!

Topics: Organizing, VAN