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Innovation Platform Spotlight: DemocraticAds.com


Continuing to build upon our commitment to transforming campaign technology through our Innovation Platform, NGP VAN is excited to launch a new partnership with DSPolitical to bring its award-winning, self-serve voter targeted digital advertising platform DemocraticAds.com to the VAN.

How It Works: 

VAN users can now deploy DSPolitical’s DemocraticAds.com to reach their targeted voters (or any list they create in VAN) wherever they go online and on mobile devices with banner ads, pre-roll video, and social media ads. 

Once users login to VAN and create a list, they simply click the advertising button, name the audience, click “send,” and then “Go to DemocraticAds.com.” From there, users login or create a DemocraticAds.com account before selecting the audience they’ve imported to target and launching their ad campaign. It couldn’t be easier. 


dsp_gif_one.gifThree easy steps to send your list to DemocraticAds.com


Track your ad campaign every day with DemocraticAds.com's powerful reporting.


So, just how can a campaign take advantage of this new partnership? Here are a couple of hypothetical examples:

  • A Congressional Campaign Targets Swing Demographic Based on New Polling: You're running for Congress and learn just two weeks before Election Day from your pollster that you must win the support of women between 30-60 years of age to be victorious - but you don't have enough money for another piece of direct mail or a new TV ad. Now, you can log into VAN, export that universe of voters to DemocraticAds.com, and launch an inexpensive Facebook and banner ad campaign to reach this important demographic before Election Day.
  • A State Legislative Campaign Turning Identified Supporters Out to Vote: Your campaign for State Representative spends the summer and fall knocking on doors and calling voters throughout the district to determine which voters support your candidate. Now, you can log into your VAN account and export to DemocraticAds.com the universe of voters contacted by canvassers that indicated their support for the campaign. Your team can then launch an aggressive GOTV pre-roll video ad campaign targeting these supporters to make sure they turn out and vote.

Our Vision:

"DSPolitical brought voter targeted digital advertising to Democratic campaigns for the first time almost exactly 5 years ago," says DSPolitical's Mark Jablonowski. "Even though most of our clients were national and statewide campaigns back then, we dreamt of one day making our technology as ubiquitous and accessible as every other campaign tactic for reaching voters. Well, with this integration, that dream is now a reality.”

"When we launched our Innovation Platform, this is precisely the type of partnership we envisioned. Bringing DemocraticAds.com to the VAN is an important example of how we’re continuing to make it easier for Democratic campaigns of all sizes to run sophisticated, multi-channel voter contact efforts," said NGP VAN CEO Stu Trevelyan. "At the end of the day, DemocraticAds.com will give VAN users powerful, new and innovative ways to persuade voters and turn them out to vote on Election Day.”

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