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Introducing NGP VAN's New Turf Management Tool


A couple years ago, NGP VAN started collecting turf management user stories for our turf cutting tool. We’ve always been proud to have best in class tools for cutting and managing turf, but we are also always looking for ways to do better. Over time, we introduced live editing of turfs, reduced the number of clicks it took to draw turf and save turfs, made the overall look and feel cleaner and easier to work with, and released auto-cutting turf. All of those features were geared toward allowing organizers to create turf and edit their turfs faster and more accurately.

We’re passionate about continuing to reduce the time organizers need to spend on administrative tasks so they can focus on organizing and this work reflected that. We knew these changes were just the beginning of how we could help organizers better leverage one of our most powerful tools, and started thinking about how we could centralize and improve the experience of dealing with turfs and deploying canvasses.

So it’s with great pleasure that I announce today a new Turf Management tool in VAN.

Some highlights:

Cutting Turf and accessing your Turf will now be available from the Main Menu, so you don’t need to go through My List, or dive into your Folders to access your Turf.

From the My Turfs page, you get more top level information on your regions, including the last time it was refreshed, and the total doors and people counts in that Region. We’re also including an “Unturfed” count, so you can see if there was a lot of movement in your Region after refreshing it.

In addition to the basic print, edit, and refresh actions, we’ve added Send to MiniVAN and Generate List Number actions to My Turfs, to help facilitate deploying MiniVAN canvassers. If you send to MiniVAN from My Turfs, we’ll also display the user that you sent that list to so you can keep track of who has what.

● We display the last action that was taken on a Turf between refreshes, so you can see if it was printed, sent to MiniVAN, or if a list number was generated. That action is cleared out when you refresh your turf because the list number changes, but we’re planning on including a history of turf actions in the future.

You can now choose to print Turfs across regions using a Quick Actions feature.

I’m particularly excited about having a central place for organizers to not just print Turf, but to send Turf to MiniVAN and easily create list numbers for MinIVAN canvassing without printing. We are already seeing great conversion of canvassers to MiniVAN canvassing, which as we all know reduces canvass deployment time and time lost to printing and data entry for paper canvass packets. I saw the huge impact of that shift during my time as GOTV Director for Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Ed Markey here in Massachusetts, and we know that MiniVAN use is only going to grow as more campaigns realize those benefits.

Rest assured, we have big plans for future development on Turf Management, including more Quick Actions, and progress monitoring of Turfs in the field, but we think that this is a pretty great start. We’re excited about the time this new Turf Management is going to save organizers in the field.

Stay tuned!