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Introducing Navigational Keyboard Shortcuts

Ryan Moorman

Get around faster with Keyboard Shortcuts, an easy way to navigate our most used pages.

How do I use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard Shortcuts are available on desktop only and will be enabled for everyone by default. To disable Keyboard Shortcuts, press ‘K’ then ‘↓’. To enable, press ‘K’ then ‘↑’.

Keyboard Shortcuts automatically detect your operating system and offer you shortcuts that do not interfere with your native system key commands.

What Keyboard Shortcuts are available?

Press '?' to view a menu of existing shortcuts. This is the menu that you will see.


Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 13.56.07-1

Additional Notes

Keyboard Shortcuts are disabled on the following pages to ensure that navigational keystrokes do not interfere with them:

  • Form View
  • Grid View
  • Bulk Upload
  • Administer Bulk Upload Batches screens
  • Batch Selection

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Topics: Design, Product