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Rank Your Supporters & Measure Their Involvement with Engagement Points

Divya Kunapuli

When it comes to a campaign's supporter engagement and fundraising, not all supporters are created equal. Campaigns often have numerous different types of people who support their candidate: passive social media followers, small-dollar donors, part-time volunteers, super-volunteers, and mega-donors, just to name a few.

Measuring and tracking different levels of supporter engagement allows groups and campaigns to better cater individual messages to their supporters for things like event invitations and volunteer or fundraising asks. 

With Engagement Points, our digital tools now provide users with a detailed, easy-to-use method for tracking these different levels of supporters. 

 EP Blog 1@2x.png

Above, "Major Donors" are awarded 25 points, while supporters who attend events ("Event Attendees") are awarded 3 points. Over time, individuals will accumulate points for the different actions they take, and the campaign or organization will have a clearer picture of their total engagement. 


EP Blog 1 Copy@2x.png

Setting up different Engagement Types is very short and simple, as seen in the image above. Each type of engagement is tied to a set number of points. Total Engagement points are then visible in each supporter's individual contact record: 


EP Blog 1 Copy 2@2x.png

Users can view each supporter's total amount of points or their engagement ranking as a percentile compared to other contacts. Finally, and most importantly, users can create lists of their supporters based on their Engagement Points and take action or make asks that are better targeted at individual supporters. 


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