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Case Study: Using NGP VAN's Phone Tools to "Awaken Democracy"


This spring, more than 250 organizations representing a diverse array of movements and thousands of people are coming together in Washington, DC for Democracy Awakening - to mobilize to protect voting rights, get big money out of politics, and demand fair consideration of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Groups like People for the American Way, MoveOn.org, NAACP, LCV Education Fund, Equality Federation, and many others have joined forces for this massive weekend of events.

Mobilizing progressive activists on such a huge scale takes a lot of work and requires sophisticated organizing tools - so when event organizers began planning their outreach, they knew NGP VAN could help.



Democracy Awakening needed an easy to use, affordable way to store and manage contacts, recruit volunteers, and invite thousands of activists to take part in their events. With a list of over 30,000 contacts to reach in only 3 weeks time, organizers had their work cut out for them.


By using NGP VAN’s industry-leading predictive dialer and virtual phone bank tools on top of our EveryAction 8 platform for nonprofits, Democracy Awakening has been able to hit the ground running and are on track to meet their contact and recruitment goals.

“We have called 12,000 people in just a week and a half using NGP VAN’s predictive dialer. We’ve had various organizations offering volunteers and engaging activists that have signed up on our website...” said Derek Pugh, the campaign consultant hired by Democracy Awakening to develop the phone bank program and plan.

The best part about the predictive dialer tool is that activists only need their cell phones and a script in front of them - it cuts back on the hardware required, is more efficient and much faster than a traditional phone bank. Since people don’t have to actually dial each individual phone number or have a chance to chat about each call, it really helps save some time.

The predictive dialer tool enables users to automatically dial through their list and rapidly connects them with their available contacts. While manual phone banking usually nets 10-12 contacts per hour, predictive dialer results in an average of 30-35 contacts per hour - a game changer for campaigns with limited time and volunteers. In 2014 alone, nearly 1,200 campaigns and organizations used NGP VAN’s phone tools to contact millions of voters.  



We're proud to be the leading technology provider for Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, and most organizations involved in Democracy Awakening already use our tools.

“We decided to work with NGP VAN for various reasons. I’ve worked with NGP VAN on past political campaigns, and I trust them because their tools are superior, and because they don’t work with Republicans - we actually switched from [a competitor] which we used previously and weren’t satisfied with...” says Derek Pugh.

“Because Democracy Awakening is a short term campaign, NGP VAN was very accommodating in setting up our various tools and making it as simple and easy to use as possible, especially since a lot of our activists aren’t that tech savvy. It’s been really great.


To volunteer, attend, and get involved with Democracy Awakening, check out their website here. You can also follow the campaign on Twitter @DemAwakening #DemocracyAwakens.

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