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Rob Winikates

Rob is the Product Director for NGP VAN's Digital tools. He’s a veteran of the 2008 Obama campaign and formerly the Deputy Director for Technology on the White House Digital Strategy Team. His interests focus not expressly on technology, but rather on what people can achieve through technology's uses.
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  • Leverage Your Supporters' Influence and Follow Engagement with Social Share Tracking

    May 11, 2017

    Organizations have enormous untapped potential in the form of their supporters’ social networks and influence. To tap into this, you need know who shares your content, but more importantly, you want to know who is succeeding at referring new people – and donations - to your organization

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    Optimization Wins: New Online Forms Improve Conversions by 5.9 Percent

    October 22, 2015

    I wear a lot of hats at NGP VAN, but my highest priority is being obsessed with conversion rates. That’s why today, I'm excited to share a big development: according to our most recent analysis, NGP VAN customers are enjoying 5.9 percent higher conversion rates on their online forms.  I'm pretty excited about this. Actually, I'm downright giddy.  Here's a look at the new features that make our online forms lean, mean, converting machines.