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Danielle Ameen

Danielle Ameen is the Lead Product Designer for EveryAction + NGP VAN. She’s on a mission to craft simple and beautiful tools to empower campaigns and nonprofits to do great things.
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    We're Improving Our Process to Improve Our Products

    September 21, 2017

    A few years ago, we recognized that we could do better when it came to the user experience of our products. We formed a design team, hiring user researchers, product designers, and front-end engineers. We got to work improving processes and building a suite of tools to help us work efficiently and effectively. We established product design principles, design guidelines, and built an all-new design system we call ProgressUI. Working with product leadership, we changed the product development process to incorporate design and user feedback early and often. These changes have helped us push the design and experience of our product forward and we’ve learned a lot.