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4 Announcements from #NGPVANNext You Need to Hear


Last night we heard some exciting things from Stu Trevelyan, Aharon Wasserman, and John Lee about the future of progressive campaigns. We hope that these new products will help you achieve even more success in your work and we can’t wait to share with you all of these exciting new changes.

Above you’ll be able to watch a video recording of the entire keynote. If you don’t have an hour to spare, we’ve pulled out the four most important things you need to know from the keynote:


van 5 dashboard van5

VAN5 is the more beautiful, more powerful, more action-oriented, more advanced version of the VAN you know and love. It features a gorgeous new user interface, hundreds of additional features, both big and small, and is entirely mobile responsive, meaning you’ll have access to it on any device you choose to use. We would never want to disrupt your campaigns, so VAN5 will be available to users later this fall.

Innovation Platform

The Innovation Platform is a new a set of tools to allow developers and other technologists to quickly build and integrate political applications with the apps and data they already use through NGP VAN.  The Innovation Platform will enable Democratic and progressive capabilities to run integrated multi-channel contact programs targeting individuals, across domains like fundraising and field, both online and offline.

A new set of APIs for the tech almost all Democrats and progressives use

ActionID, a user account system with an existing user base in the hundreds of thousands

ActionTag, An easy way to embed contribution and other web forms that feed into the platform, and get higher conversion rates through a network effect

Pipeline, an analytics sync that continuously provides new data to analytics firms, allowing dynamic modeling and innovation, and increasing efficiency

Relay, a powerful matching algorithm to allow a 360 view of individuals, and moving data to where it is actionable

Progress, a set of interface patterns and tools that will foster interface convergence, improving usability of new apps

The new set of APIs is available at our new Developer portal, http://developers.ngpvan.com/. We can’t wait to see what you do with them!



Also announced was the new actionCenter, an online office where supporters can leverage their existing relationships to take meaningful action on behalf of the causes they support. You may be familiar with some of the component of the actionCenter: Social Organizing, Social Fundraising and our newest addition, Recruiter. Now we’re bringing them all together to create one cohesive experience for supporters who want to engage with your campaign.



ProgressUI is the first styles and pattern library designed specifically for progressives. It features clean, modern design elements that you can incorporate into your style guides to bring your campaigns to the next level. ProgressUI will be available open source later this fall.



You may have noticed we also have a new website. Check back frequently for more information and updates and share with us what you’d like to hear about by tweeting@NGPVAN

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