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POKE: NGP VAN Introduces Facebook Political Organizing Tool


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, NGP VAN, the leading technology provider to thousands of Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, announced the launch of Social Organizing, providing clients with the ability to have supporters match their Facebook friends to the voter file as they take part in everyday campaign activities like voter identification and persuasion, grassroots fundraising, rally crowd building, volunteer recruitment, get out the vote (GOTV) activities, and much more.

"We all know the best organizing happens when supporters approach people they know personally. That’s why field organizers love it when volunteers go door-to-door in their own neighborhoods," said Stuart Trevelyan, NGP VAN’s CEO. He continued, "With tens of millions of voters visiting Facebook each day to communicate with their friends and family, it was only natural for NGP VAN to create Social Organizing and connect its industry leading voter contact and organizing tools with the social networking giant."