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Organizing for Action Selects VAN


WASHINGTON, DC (April 5, 2013) — Organizing for Action, a nonprofit organization established to support the agenda articulated by President Obama and endorsed by voters on November 6, 2012, has selected the VAN product to empower its organizing efforts. For over a decade now, the VAN — available to progressives and Democrats — has been the leading software tool for managing data about voters and volunteers.

“We’re committed to helping Organizing for Action promote the agenda that Americans voted for,” said NGP VAN CEO Stu Trevelyan. “We’ll work hard to continue to innovate and provide progressives with a technology edge.”

VAN is the tool that powered almost every door knock by progressive organizations in recent years.  Organizing for Action Chairman Jim Messina recently said the most important element of any campaign is old-fashioned door knocking. The VAN helps organizers execute field plans that knock the right doors and make the right phone calls, collect the right information, and make data and analytics actionable.

Having been honed since launch in 2001, the VAN has the best organizing features, and the deepest feature set of any online organizing software. The VAN also has a history of scaling to use by tens of thousands of simultaneous users, unlike many other organizing products that have slowed or crashed under heavy load. The customer service team is highly regarded, particularly for their understanding of organizer needs, stemming from many of them having worked previously in progressive organizing.

“We selected the VAN because it’s the best organizing tool available,” said Organizing for America’s Executive Director Jon Carson. “Many of us have worked with NGP VAN in the past, and know their innovative software and excellent support team help us organize effectively.”

Many have recently noted the edge that progressives have with VAN. For example, in December 2012, the VAN product received the “Most Valuable Technology” award at the New Organizing Institute’s (NOI) RootsCamp conference, an annual gathering of over 2,000 progressive organizers in Washington, D.C.


NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns, offering clients an integrated platform of the best organizing, fundraising, and digital products. NGP VAN counts many progressive organizations amongst its clients, including the DNC, AFSCME, the League of Conservation Voters, the NAACP, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.


Contact: Stu Trevelyan
202-315-0315, stu@ngpvan.com