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NGP VAN Relaunches Leader Pelosi Website


WASHINGTON, DC — On the heels of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s decision to stay on as leader of the House Democratic Caucus for a sixth term, NGP VAN today announced that it has re-launched Pelosi’s official leadership website, DemocraticLeader.gov, including a stronger emphasis on Twitter and online video.  NGP VAN also noted that it has begun offering services to other Democratic Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. As the leading technology provider to thousands of Democrats, NGP VAN has already launched House Drupal platform sites for Rep. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and the Natural Resources Committee Democrats.

NGP VAN is proud to have had the opportunity to put our expertise to work for Democratic Leader Pelosi,” said Stu Trevelyan, NGP VAN’s CEO. He continued, “Our deep experience with both Drupal and House Democrats make projects like this a great and rewarding fit for NGP VAN.”

Selected by the Democratic Leader’s office because of its unique capabilities and experience, NGP VAN migrated Pelosi’s website from old, difficult to use content and data management systems to the House Drupal platform. In addition to the migration, NGP VAN equipped Pelosi’s leadership website with social media integration and the ability to better display online video for an enhanced user experience.

Moving to the House Drupal platform has its advantages for Pelosi and House Democrats:

  • It’s cutting edge. Drupal is one of the world’s most powerful content management systems, and it has been customized by House Information Resources (HIR) for House websites.
  • It’s easy to use and provides House websites with flexibility and functionality that even a novice can learn quickly.
  • It’s the preferred platform of HIR, The White House, and other federal agencies. 
  • It’s more secure because security for websites on this platform is provided by the House.
  • Hosting is free because websites on this platform are hosted by the House.

When it comes to Drupal, NGP VAN has a clear edge in the political technology space. First, NGP VAN has built hundreds of custom, award-winning websites on the Drupal platform for Democrats and progressive organizations – more than any other company.  NGP VAN is an approved vendor by HIR.  Second, when it comes to political acumen, NGP VAN is unrivalled, having dozens of employees who have worked for Democrats and The White House including Rob Winikates, NGP VAN’s new media campaign manager and the former Deputy New Media Director at The White House, which also uses the Drupal platform.  As another example, NGP VAN CEO Stu Trevelyan worked in White House Legislative Affairs, working with the House side, and while running his previous company, built websites for the Democratic Leader, Whip, Caucus, and a number of Democratic members and committees.  And Digital Director Mike Liddell ran new media for the Treasury Department and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

We provided nearly all of the Democrats being seated in the 113th Congress with technology that helped people power their victories on November 6th,” continued Trevelyan. He concluded, “NGP VAN is excited to equip Democrats in the House and their committees with custom websites that articulate their core beliefs, and better engage and respond to constituent needs.”

Interesting features of the House sites NGP VAN has launched:

  • Made the Rep. Markey’s site mobile-responsive, one of the first ever mobile-responsive sites in Congress.
  • Created an interactive district map that highlights key news and information from the official site that relates to each part of the district
  • Created a unique site design that uses a rotating list of district photos as part of the website's background design.
  • Using the House Drupal platform, NGP VAN was able to create a content management framework that allows the tagging of each piece of content as related to a particular issue. So now clients can have issue pages that list all the press releases, legislation items, videos, photos, etc. that are related to a given issue.
  • Integrated the sites with the constituent relationship management (CRM) systems to better manage constituent communications.
  • Used social networking throughout the sites.


NGP VAN (NGPVAN.com) is the leading technology provider to Democrats and progressive organizations, offering clients deep experience with official House web sites, as well as a track record of using Drupal going back to 2005.  NGP VAN’s Drupal-based web sites are recommended by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, and EMILY’s List.  NGP VAN staff has experience working for Democratic U.S. House members, as well as at the White House and federal agencies.

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