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DLCC and NGP VAN Form Technology Partnership


Washington, D.C.  — The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) and NGP VAN have partnered to bring state legislative candidates across the country DLCC Go, a unique suite of integrated and affordable new media, fundraising, and field campaign tools that will give Democratic campaigns of all sizes a competitive technology edge.


State legislative campaigns can take advantage of DLCC Go to easily publish a professional website, send broadcast emails, manage fundraising online and off, and integrate their website with the VAN field tool most Democratic campaigns use. From Maine to California, DLCC Go lets any state legislative campaign — big or small — take advantage of the best integrated campaign technology available to Democrats. The DLCC has made DLCC Go affordable by negotiating an economy of scale price with NGP VAN, a Democratic campaign technology company.


“Since our inception, the DLCC has worked to make the most sophisticated campaign tools affordable and accessible for Democratic state legislative candidates across the country,” said DLCC Executive Director Michael Sargeant. “Through DLCC Go, candidates now have affordable access to NGP VAN’s advanced online toolkit, including a website platform that is fully integrated with their fundraising and field tools. These same tools are already used by countless congressional candidates across the country, and with DLCC Go, all state legislative campaigns can now afford them as well.”


“Several years ago, we started an initiative to build out our state legislative program after we realized that there were hundreds of Democratic state legislative campaigns who could greatly benefit from our website platform and core toolset if we simply made it more affordable and accessible. We’ve had hundreds of campaigns and every active Democratic caucus sign on to our tools in some fashion.” says Stu Trevelyan, CEO of NGP VAN. “This partnership and DLCC Go are important steps forward in helping even more Democratic state legislative candidates get a technology edge.”


For more information, please visit www.dlccgo.com.


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About the DLCC.  The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) is the national Democratic organization responsible for winning state legislative elections. The DLCC is the only political committee in the country whose principal mission is to put Democrats in control of as many state legislatures as possible. We do this by helping to build winning, state-of-the-art campaign committees across the country through partnerships with legislative leaders, professional staff, and grassroots advocates. We provide candidates with access to tools like polling, research, and online activism platforms, as well as other data, field, and communications resources that have become indispensable for modern campaigns.


About NGP VAN.  NGP VAN is the preferred new media provider to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, EMILY’s List, America Votes, and State Voices.  NGP VAN counts thousands of campaigns and organizations among our clients, including Obama for America, all the national Democratic committees, thousands of Democratic campaigns, and hundreds of labor unions, progressive and non-partisan PACs, and other organizations. We are proud to provide a uniquely integrated platform that combines the best new media, fundraising, and field products.

Contacts: Stu Trevelyan, stu@ngpvan.com, 202-315-0315

Michael Sargeant, sargeant@dlcc.org, 202-449-6740