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Democratic/Progressive Voter Contacts: 387 Million


Up 68% in 2014 over 2010

For Immediate Release:  November 3rd, 2014

On the day before the election, NGP VAN provided previously unreleased information that Democrats and progressives had made a total of 386,889,562 voter contacts so far in the 2014 cycle.  This is an increase of 68% over the voter contacts made in the 2010 cycle.  The increase will grow even larger after the voter contacts for Monday and Tuesday are factored in.

NGP VAN also released numbers showing that Democrats and progressives have registered2,337,484 voters this cycle.

“Democrats and progressives have taken the ground game to the next level,” said NGP VAN CEO Stu Trevelyan. “We’re honored to help provide Democrats and progressives with a tech edge, and power all these amazing organizers.”

Early voting data also shows Democrats are beating Republicans at the ground game.  Early voting is an indicator of which side is doing a better job of identifying the voters who would not otherwise vote, and getting them to vote.

Democrats have progressed from 2012, because voter contact is being informed by thePipeline element of NGP VAN’s Innovation Platform released earlier this year, which pipes in real time every voter contact to the DNC and our analytics partners (like Blue Labs and Civis Analytics).  This allows the analytics partners to update modeling right up to the end of the election, and via API, feed scores back into VAN (through which all GOTV is done).

Other NGP VAN innovations benefitting Democrats and Progressives this cycle:

Action Center.  NGP VAN clients like the DCCCPlanned Parenthood, and Ready for Hillary are using this new online campaign office to get supporters from around the country to make calls and contact voters in targeted districts and states, recruit new supporters, and raise money.  NGP VAN just released the Recruiter and Social Fundraising features this summer; the Washington Post wrote of Recruiter, “If it works, this could become the next big breakthrough in campaign tech.” 

Pollwatcher is a mobile app NGP VAN developed for Obama '12 campaign as the antithesis of Romney’s failed “Orca” tool, and released for the first time this cycle to other campaigns.   It will be used tomorrow by Democratic campaigns to strike voters from GOTV phone bank and canvass lists in real-time, to re-focus GOTV phone bank and canvass lists on those those voters who have not *yet* voted.  The Republicans, having flopped with Orca in 2012, copied NGP VAN in 2014, but their app has several flaws.  Theirs requires a smartphone, which reduces the number of people who can use it; and theirs requires a clunky searching for each voter by name, which is a lot harder to keep up with than a 4 digit code per person.

In contrast, the RNC’s efforts haven’t lived up to the hype and remain behind the Democrats.  The much touted “GOP Data Beacon” VAN imitation was a bust and never made it out of beta: Yahoo News reported, "the RNC’s failure to roll out its Beacon tool until this summer created a vacuum."  The RNC CTO, Andy Barkett, who had been labeled a savior after he was lured away from Facebook in 2013, has been removed from the Data Trust and sidelined at the RNCaccording to the Wall Street Journal.  Veteran Republican consultants Glen Bolger and Neil Newhouse acknowledged this week that even if Republicans win the Senate, the GOP is “still playing catch-up” on the ground game, and that “Republicans continue to be at a manpower and technological disadvantage.”

Contact: Stu Trevelyan

(202) 427-7045