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Stu Trevelyan

Stu Trevelyan is the CEO of NGP VAN and has spent the last two decades helping causes and campaigns succeed through innovative use of technology. Reach him at stu(at)ngpvan(dot)com.
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    December 18, 2015

    Update: 12/19, 9:46PM EST Late last night we were directed by our client the DNC to restore the Sanders campaign's full access to VoteBuilder. NGP VAN staff worked through the night to ensure Sanders campaign staff were up and running by early this morning. For clarification, NGP VAN played no part in the October data issue that has been mentioned. We look forward to working closely with the DNC and our partners on the important next steps that will ensure Democratic success around the country in November. Update: 12/18, 3:53 PM EST Updating with additional information and clarification: First, a one page-style report containing summary data on a list was saved out of VoteBuilder by one Sanders user. This is what some people have referred to as the “export” from VoteBuilder. As noted below, users were unable to export lists of people.