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A Day Without the Women of NGP VAN


The women of NGP VAN are magic - they're developers, engineers, designers, accountants, human resource professionals, sales & account managers, marketers, client services representatives, and data specialists, and our company and our tools would not be here if it weren't for their expertise, dedication, and passion for building a better world.

Today on International Women's Day, we're proud to stand with them as they demonstrate the collective and individual contributions and economic power of women of all backgrounds, a fact that is all too often forgotten or ignored.

In the spirit of A Day Without A Woman, many of our colleagues are not in the office today. Instead, they are out organizing, volunteering, attending events, and delivering donations for local charities like: 


Without the women of NGP VAN and all women everywhere, progress is not possible, so take a stand today - here's how you can get started.