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New Dashboard Landing Pages in VAN  🎉


Over the next week, we're releasing an update to VAN/VoteBuilder that will allow field organizers and volunteers to get things done more easily than ever with updated Dashboard Landing Pages in VAN

This new default page makes it easy for organizers and other users to get a summary of their activity and access their most important tools immediately upon logging in.

In My Campaign, the page features clear links for taking key actions that drive progress toward an organization's goals, including recruiting volunteers, entering data, viewing recently-visited contacts, and managing Events and Virtual Phone Banks.


coming soon van

In My Voters, the page features the same widgets, except Events.

Recruit Volunteers allows organizers to start recruitment in just two clicks using pre-configured queries on important populations of contacts - such as Active Volunteers (anyone who has completed any event shift in the past 30 days), Lapsed Volunteers (anyone who has completed an event shift in the past 60 days but isn't scheduled for an upcoming events), and Hot Leads (new records created in the past 7 days and not scheduled into an event shift); or create their own lists and access saved ones via direct links to Create a List and Folders.

In My Voters, Contact Voters includes links to Make Calls, to the Virtual Phone Bank list, Manage Turf, and Turf Manager pages. 

Track Activity provides several links to the most significant and commonly-used reports as well as links to data entry and MiniVAN.

Additional widgets enable users to click back to recently-viewed contacts as well as view and manage their Events and Virtual Phone Banks.

NOTE: Don't like the new look? When these changes take effect on your account, you can manually return to the Main Menu by clicking on the 'Main Menu' link.


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