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New Feature: Use Mobile Messaging to reach supporters instantly and maximize engagement

Laura Green


Mobile messaging audiences are rapidly increasing. In 2019, while email list sizes declined by 2%, text messaging audiences grew by 26%. Supporters are increasingly showing a preference for this channel; mobile device users accounted for half of website visits last year, and the number of mobile donation transactions saw a 17% increase. While traditional channels still play an important role in supporter communications and engagement, mobile consistently outperforms email in open and click-through rates, positioning itself as the highest performing communication channel by these metrics. Integrating mobile messaging into a multi-channel strategy is a must for programs looking for the latest and best ways to drive engagement.

NGP VAN is excited to announce our newest feature, Mobile Messaging – a powerful new channel that enables users to augment existing communications strategies with broadcast text messaging to quickly reach supporters and engage them as activists, donors, or volunteers. Our SMS tool enables you to include links to easily direct supporters to an advocacy, event, or donation form, include emojis to let them know how 🔥your work is, and much more. Here's what our new tool looks like in action:



Send important campaign updates to your audience as they happen. Thank recent volunteers for participating in an event on the same day. Share important information that your subscribers may have missed in an email.

Whatever you’re sending to your subscribers, broadcast SMS text messages are the fastest way to get the information into their hands. Using NGP VAN’s SMS tool means that everything is handled within the same tool – from capturing numbers using NGP VAN forms and storing them with other contact data, to easily creating mobile message campaigns and segmenting your universe using My List.


Text messages can be an effective tool in moving your supporters to action. Whether you're directing them to an advocacy form or coordinating volunteers, SMS reaches your supporters at home and on the go.



You’re used to promoting events with email and social media, but are the people most interested in coming actually seeing your invites? With Mobile Messaging, you can easily send invitations directing supporters to your RSVP form and increase turnout.


Every organizer knows the importance of confirming attendees, and one of the best ways to do that is with a text. You can use SMS to deliver additional instructions, such as directions, that volunteers can bring with them and access at any time.


SMS messages can be a great way to encourage subscribers to give, particularly for urgent or rapid-response campaigns. The ability to include URLs makes it easy to direct supporters to other media, more information, and a donation page. During your organization’s annual campaigns, text messages are an important part of an omnichannel strategy to remind supporters about matching gifts, giving deadlines, and fundraising goals.

As part of NGP VAN’s unified platform, Mobile Messaging campaigns can easily be combined with other tools, such as email, to maximize engagement, events, and fundraising campaigns. Our easy-to-use interface can help you quickly build lists, send messages, and pull reports on your results as you increase event turnout, build relationships with supporters, and raise money.

NGP VAN is currently enrolling customers to help pilot our SMS tool before it is more broadly released. If you’re interested in being one of the first organizations to use this tool and giving feedback that will help determine the additions that we will make to the final version, sign up here!