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Election Day 2012: John’s Story (Indiana, 2008)


“Tired” didn’t even begin to describe it.

Every morning, to remind me and my volunteers of the timeline we were working with, I changed the poster on the wall that cheerfully counted down the number of days until the election. Not only was it about the seriousness of the election, and how little time we had to work with, it was a reminder that all of this work, all of this organizing was towards a destination.

As a Regional Field Director on a gubernatorial campaign in southeast Indiana in a satellite office, I needed that reminder that we were getting closer to the end. I had tough days. Days where it felt like I couldn’t get warm, days where it felt like even one more dial was too much to physically take, days where I felt desperately alone.

But there was hope amidst the darkness, still. Friends and family who emailed and called and sent warmth and love my way. Volunteers who didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes, I’d love to help!” when I asked. Coworkers who laughed with me, supported me, and fought for me until the very end.

I’m reminded of getting up in the dark that Tuesday. I remember tiptoeing out of my supporter housing to drive into the office. I remember visibility for hours, and then managing volunteer shifts, and coordinating with HQ until the moment the polls closed.

All of this is my way of saying: today, my heart is with you and I send all the good thoughts and energy your way that I can.

Go get ‘em, Team Blue. We’ve got your back.