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Innovation Platform Spotlight: Revolution Messaging


NGP VAN's Innovation Platform consists of over 200 powerful integrations with third party tools to empower Democrats and progressives to run sophisticated, multi-channel campaigns.

Continuing to build upon that commitment to collaboration and transforming campaign technology, NGP VAN is excited to launch a new partnership with Revolution Messaging to further integrate its award-winning Revere Mobile toolset with our political and nonprofit tools.

How it Works: 

Users simply set up a mobile flow in Revere Mobile, add it to their form within NGP VAN's Online Actions, and watch their mobile list grow!


When a voter, volunteer, or supporter signs up on an NGP VAN form and opts to receive mobile messages, that data automatically goes to Revolution Messaging's Revere Platform. The subscriber then automatically receives a mobile opt-in from Revere, and valuable data on all their interactions are shared between the two platforms.

“Stopping Trump and his yes men in Congress requires progressives to operate at the top of their digital game, and by working together we empower the resistance to do just that. By seamlessly connecting our two platforms, we are giving progressives the advantage of the best tools in the business without the usual hurdles and slow downs that deter folks from employing multiple vendors,” said Revolution Messaging's Eden Joyner.  

“We’re so excited to work with innovative firms like Revolution Messaging and others to enable Democrats up and down the ballot to run sophisticated, multi-channel voter contact efforts,” said Amanda Coulombe, General Manager of Organizing at NGP VAN. “Through our Innovation Platform, we’ve integrated with hundreds of new tools since 2014, and it’s exciting to see candidates and progressive organizations utilizing many new methods, especially mobile, to engage with supporters and get out the vote. This powerful new integration is one more way for campaigns to collect important data from their supporters and make it actionable.”   

Read more about the integration here in Campaigns & Elections Magazine

For more info on our powerful integration with Revolution Messaging, email us here!


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