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Get Ready for GOTV: 5 Tools + Tactics

Elliot Rysenbry

It’s almost time for GOTV, and that means it’s time to take stock of the tools and tactics you’ll be using to get your people down to the polls in the final, crucial stage of the campaign.

This year, NGP VAN is bringing a host of new tools, features, and updates to help your rip through your lists, knock on all your doors, and reach the people you need to reach to win in November.

Without further ado, here’s five tools + tactics to crush your GOTV goals:


Live Calls: Leverage Outside Resources to Hit Deadlines + Goals

Don’t be limited by the labor you’ve got on hand when you’re running up against  hard deadlines.  On-demand resources exist to boost your efforts and make sure you meet your goals.



The new Live Calls tool in VAN lets you use professional phone bankers to call voters for persuasion, GOTV, or even fresh paid IDs at the last minute. All you need to do is provide the list and script, and watch as your data is returned in real-time. That means your GOTV targets are still within reach at the 11th hour, whether or not you’ve got the volunteers you need to hit them.


Tool: Live Calls

Use Live Calls to reach thousands of voters using professional phone bankers and get results in real time. Define your target universe, create a call script, and deploy thousands live calls with a click of your mouse.



MiniVAN Manager: Track Your Canvassers + Adapt to Changes 

GOTV is a hectic time. Multiple teams of canvassers in the field, brand new lists arriving at the last minute, shifting priorities and more make it hard to keep things under control. Keeping canvassers on course + redeploying them despite unfamiliar territory and tight deadlines is a vital way of staying ahead in the GOTV phase.



Thankfully, monitoring and directing your canvassers doesn’t have to be any more complicated than logging into VAN. With MiniVAN Manager’s interactive map display, you can track each canvasser’s progress, location, and key stats in real-time.


Tool: MiniVAN Manager

MiniVAN Manager shows you the vital stats of every MiniVAN canvasser out on the turf, including their location, progress and effectiveness in real time.



MiniVAN: Canvass Smarter + More Efficiently

MiniVAN’s already a GOTV game-changer, allowing canvassers ditch the inaccuracies of pen and paper, map out their walk lists, and upload field data instantly - and it’s getting even better.

MiniVAN has some pretty serious additions this cycle to increase efficiency + save time:

Script Branching:

Scripts are static, but conversations are fluid. That’s why we built Script Branching, the tool that lets organizers build scripts that can adapt to a voter’s responses and prompt canvassers to ask the right questions and get the right data.

Find My Next Door:

Just like it says on the label: canvassers can press a button in MIniVAN and see the closest three addresses they haven’t yet visited on their list mapped out - no hassle, and no more getting lost.



Voted Stamp:

Simple idea, very effective results: the Voted Stamp lets canvassers, phone bankers, and field organizers mark a voter as having voted across the VAN and MiniVAN universe for everyone to see. That means canvassers, phone bankers, and organizers can focus their efforts on the voters they need to get down to the polling booth, rather than the ones that have already done so.


Tool: MiniVAN

MiniVAN is a free mobile canvasing app integrated with VAN and Votebuilder. Canvassers can read scripts, record responses, map out their walk, and upload their data using the MiniVAN app's simple interface.



Predictive Dialler: Supercharge Your Phone Bankers

The best campaigning tech helps passionate people be even more effective. That’s why tools like Predictive Dialer are aimed at arming passionate volunteers with professional phone banking tools that allow them to dial faster and more accurately than even the most professional, hard-core phone banker can, and return results in real time.

Predictive Dialler lets you set up a professional phone banking operation with script creation, universe selection, scheduling, and the caller interfaces all integrated within VAN - hooking up your volunteers with the tools they need to be effective, and efficient.


Tool: Predictive Dialler

Predictive Dialer makes phone banking up to three times more efficient than hand dialing. Scripts, universe selection, and the caller interface are all integrated with VAN, with results returned in real-time.


Needless to say, we’re pretty freakin’ excited for GOTV - it’s the final frantic phase that plays a critical role in the outcome of months of hard work. We’ve been working furiously all cycle (and longer) to bring you the best tools, features, and infrastructure to support you on the push through to November 8th. Get out there and crush it.

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the tools + tactics here, reach out to us at community@ngpvan.com - we’d love to hear from you.

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