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Add a Progress Bar to an ActionTag Contribution Form to Reach Your Fundraising Goal



We love helping organizations make progress toward their goals. Did you know that inside NGP we have a feature so that organizations can communicate their fundraising progress to their supporters?

Here's how: add a Progress Bar to your contribution form to display the goal amount, the amount raised toward that goal, the number of supporters, and the time left until your deadline.



Already have some offline donations toward your goal? You can add a ‘Seed Amount’ of money and supporters when you configure the Progress Bar.

Has your goal, seed amounts, or deadline changed? You can go back and edit the Progress Bar at any time after you create it.


Step-By-Step Instructions to create a Progress Bar on a contribution form:

  • On step 2 of the ‘Create Contribution Form’ workflow, select the ‘Progress Bar’ button in the text editor tool bar
  • In the Progress Bar settings, enter a Goal $ amount
  • Click ‘Ok’
  • Verify that a ‘Progress Bar’ rectangle is in the text editor, and publish your form


Display Supporters on your Progress Bar:

  • On the Progress Bar settings, select the ‘Show Supporters’ checkbox


Display a deadline on your Progress Bar:

  • On the Progress Bar settings, select the ‘Show Deadline’ checkbox
  • Select the ‘Deadline’ field, and choose a date in the future as your deadline, and click ‘Ok’ in the date menu


Add a seed amount of money and supporters to your Progress Bar:

  • In the ‘Seed Amount $’ field, enter an amount of pre-raised money
  • After selecting the ‘Show Supporters’ checkbox, enter a number in the ‘Seed Supporters’ field for the amount of contributions


Edit a pre-existing Progress Bar:

  • Return to step 2 of the create contribution workflow
  • In the text editor, select the ‘Progress Bar’
  • In the text editor’s tool bar, select the ‘Progress Bar’ button to display the settings
  • In the Progress Bar settings, make edits to any of the Progress Bar fields
  • Click ‘Ok’, and publish the form


Have feedback about Progress Bars? Let us know feedback@ngpvan.com.

Topics: Fundraising