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3 Ways to Use Online Ads to Target Voters + Win Your Race

Mark Jablonowski

Mark Jablonowski is a partner and Chief Technology Officer of DSPolitical, where he has overseen the development of DemocraticAds.com, an award-winning self-serve voter targeted digital advertising platform.

Last month, we were excited to announce a new, exciting partnership between NGP VAN and DemocraticAds.com. With just 22 days until Election Day, now’s the time most campaigns will be thinking of their digital ad strategy to get their candidate across the finish line.

VAN users can now deploy DSPolitical’s DemocraticAds.com to reach your targeted voters (or any list you create in VAN) wherever they go online and on mobile devices with banner ads, pre-roll video, and social media ads. Here are three key ad campaigns you may want to consider in the final weeks and days before the election:


1. Persuade Swing Voters.

As the top of the Republican ticket continues to self-destruct, now is the perfect time to put your message in front of swing voters. Use VAN and DemocraticAds.com to target pre-roll video educating swing voters about the differences between you and your opponent.


2. Encourage Early Voting.

You’ve spent weeks, perhaps even months, identifying and contacting voters on the phone and door to door. Now that you have a good idea of who your supporters are, encourage them to vote early with banner ads reaching them wherever they happen to go online.


3. Get Out the Vote.

All hands on deck. In the final days leading up to Election Day, make sure all of your targeted voters hear from you. Use banner ads online and on mobile devices. Run ads on their Facebook timelines. It is time to remind them to get out there and vote!


Local candidates are already leveraging the VAN integration with DemocraticAds.com to maximize their voter contact before election day. AdExchanger recently carried the story of Karen Jacobs, a Democratic candidate for the State House in Texas. With just weeks to go until Election Day, the publication noted Jacobs “isn’t running any TV ads” because she’s running in “one of the nation’s most gerrymandered” districts, which encompasses multiple media markets making the medium far too inefficient for a candidate looking to maximize every dolor raised. Money spent on television would be “largely wasted” reaching supporters of her opponent and “voters who couldn’t vote for her” because they don’t even live in her district.

The predicament Jacobs faces is a common one for local and downballot candidates: how to best maximize the use of every dollar raised to reach only the exact voters needed to win? Ultimately, Jacobs decided to focus on digital advertising, because it allows her to get her “message out to supporters and persuadable voters in a really cost-effective way.”

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you have a campaign to win?

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